Thursday, February 26, 2009

While we're waiting...

While we're waiting to hear from God, I wanted to share some pictures of Olive
Here is the information I have on her:
One more kid born with Sy.Down.
Her name is Olivera. She was born 4/5/2006. Admitted to the orphanage at the age of 8months 7 days. She was the 5th child from the fifth uncontrolled pregnancy. The birth was term, in the maternity home. AS was 9/10. She was born with Atrial Septal Defect, with moderate blood flow from the left atrium through the hole into the right side. She is under regular control of the cardiologist, doesn't require any medications, the next control should be done in December 2008.
She has syderopenic anemia and is receiving iron therapy. Also is small for her age. She is 2yrs 7months old. Height 76.5cm, weight 6.120kg.
We consulted the gastroentrologist and he didn't find any organic disease, he thinks it's due to the Sy.Down.
Her parents are mentally delayed. Olivera has 4 siblings, two of them are healthy the other two are developmentally delayed.
She is a very darling girl, but is significantly developmentally delayed.She is smiling, has eye to eye contact, still is not sitting without support, not crawling yet. Respiratory infections occure often.
She is very cute and we love this girl.

I know to some she isn't exactly the perfect image of beauty.
But, when I look at her, she's perfect.
Isn't she just so beautiful!?

and they buzz her hair! I can only imagine her beautiful long brown hair if they'd let it grow.

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