Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We had gained some ground over the past 5 days, but then after the visit with mom, everything went out the window this morning.
The case supervisor said that they are still checking in to the family placement.
But, things can only go as quickly as all the bureaucratic stuff will let it go.
If it's going to be a few days, we're going to stick it out - although I'm really not sure how I'm going to do it other than a miracle from God.
My brain knows what these kids have gone through, I want to will myself to be sweet, loving, forgiving, patient, un-bothered, and unstressed.
But, it is near impossible when a little boy is telling you that he hates you, and he hopes that you go to jail, and that he wants to run away and live with someone else, while simultaneously disobeying what you're asking him to do, his sister is egging on the situation, you have 10 month old that is screaming for you, and you have 2 two year olds fighting to the death over a car.

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