Saturday, June 9, 2007

A new dog.

So, I have to say we found out something pretty exciting today!! Ceazer is not only loved by us, but he is also loved enough by C-SNIP to be "the face" of C-SNIP... Okay I'm exaggerating a little. BUT he is on their website!

Also, Karl and I (well just me really) are still pretty bummed about Abner, but we thought the best way to move on, is to get another dog - not just for us, but for Bailey's sake. She's been running around whining, looking for Abner, and has been very needy the past week... and so we did. And I'll be perfectly honest when I say that Karl and I are both whole heartedly in love with our new "family member". BOTUS!!!

Later: So, we don't really like the name botus anymore, suggestions?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Abner's gone...

So, incase you're over - we don't have Abner any more...
He got parvo, and even though we brought him in right away, it was aggressive enough to eat away at his "guts". So, we did a blood test to see if there were any white blood cells to give us any glimpse of hope, and there weren't. The doctor said there was "no hope at all".... and it would be inhumane to keep him alive. So, we had to put him down... I don't think any one could understand unless you're a "dog person" or have had to put a pet down... but I'm pretty bummed.