Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Worst thing about being pregnant again?
Not being able to sleep at night, to wake up hours after finally having fallen asleep to a cranky child (we're weaning down feedings to 4 a day) and not being able to take a nap.
Oh.... how I took for granted those long afternoon naps the first time around!
Best thing about being pregnant again:
I've done this before. Nothing (so far) comes as a surprise. I feel educated for what's to come, and can relax in that. With Ethan every little thing during my pregnancy was the end of the world, and every pregnancy symptom was to be shouted from the roof-tops... I can actually enjoy my pregnancy fully this time - and not be as anxious.

I've just started receiving my daily assurance that I'm still pregnant...
Never in my life loved and hated something so much. (ok maybe that's an exaggeration)
Really though, I hate feeling this way - but I love knowing that means I'm still pregnant.

Also - God (as always) is so good! Karl is going to be given a SUBSTANTIAL raise, and made salary! hallelujah! I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off our financial situation. Isn't it awesome how just when you start doubting the Lord's plan - and you're not sure what's going to happen... it all works out!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

George is gone.

We found George, what we hope is, an awesome home. He's living with a single lady on 6 acres with a creek and a pond. She knows the breed really well - and is very alpha... so we're hoping that all is going to be okay. Actually she does whole pig roasts as her business and plans on taking him with her on the job... haha. So - I'm sad, but ultimately relieved.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A different house...

Good news...
My hcg levels came back double and plus after 48 hours.
hcg is the 'pregnancy chemical' - it's what urine and blood tests detect. In early pregnancy the levels should double every 48 hours to indicate a normally progressing pregnancy. Since we couldn't see much on the ultrasound, the only other indicator of the viability (until a later ultrasound is preformed) is hcg levels.
And thank God they came back well, and in normal range! So, we're not completely out of the woods until we see a heartbeat on the screen, but that is step one! So, we are very happy about that.
Second bit - our offer was accepted on our "dream house"...
We were going to move out to the country (aka Lowell - ha!) but the realtor and loan officer ended up being a little iffy, and beyond pushy. So we backed out. Even if we didn't, the house didn't appraise - so we couldn't buy it for the price they were pushing us in to any how. Thank God (again).
So, we were looking for another place and fell in love with a foreclosure on Poinsettia, a mere 2.7 miles from Karl's work. It's an incredible deal - we've settled on $45,000 less than it's assessment in 2004. Which is AWESOME! The next best part is that it's in this incredibly wooded area of a really nice neighborhood. Our lot has trees galore, and an in-ground liner pool.. exciting! Although the pool will probably be too expensive to run for a couple of years, it's there waiting! Another positive is that there is a bike/walking trail that is about 3 blocks from our house, along with a park! God is so awesome... He's brought us to this amazing house (amongst other things, obviously) and we're praying that everything goes okay. With the house and the pregnancy.

Some of my favorite features: The pool and back yard, a master bath!!!! and the cathedral ceilings!

Monday, August 20, 2007

no baby?

The ultrasound did not turn out as we had hoped.
It is possible that I have a blighted ovum.
Which is basically a pregnancy with a fetal sac but with out a normally developing baby.
Which would mean I'll miscarry soon...
Or it is possible that we are not near as far along as we thought - and it was just too early to see the baby in the sac due to the fact that it's not developed enough yet.
I am having testing done over this week, and we'll know later for sure which it is.
But, my maternal instincts since the day I took the test was that something wasn't "quite right".. everyone told me that everything would be fine, but I just couldn't "shake it"... So, I suppose in an odd way I wasn't surprised when the midwife told me the news...
What ever God wants will happen, we know that - but please pray that we'll be okay either way.. baby or no baby...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So, I am really excited - I chose to have a Midwife with this baby! I meet her on Monday...
I called this afternoon, and they got me in for a confirmation, a consultation interview, appointment, and ULTRASOUND! Monday morning! How awesome is that!? I was going to have to wait over 2 weeks with my last pre-natal provider just for a confirmation, and wouldn't get a dating ultrasound for at least a month... So, I thought that was pretty cool.
In other news. George attacked Ceazer, drawing blood just under his eye. It was a really scary serious fight. I've never seen the baby that scared, and the dogs fighting that meanly. We're going to take them to a behavioral consultant on Friday...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Round two!

So, I probably shouldn't be announcing this so early - but...
I can't hardly believe it - but it's true.
I am so excited!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


So, it's really hard to find time to keep things updated!
A few larger things:
1. Karl and I are moving (most likely) to Greenville. We want to purchase a Church that's been converted in to a house out on 10 mile. It's 4,000 square feet, 1.5 Acres, with a sanctuary attached - that's currently set up as a professional recording studio. It requires a lot of work. But, it could be our 'forever' home, and I'm excited. Our LAST move! After what, 4 in 4 years?! Any way, we'll be renting this place out for a year - hoping to sell next year when the market breaks.
2. I turned 21 this past weekend. I spent it on a lake with my family. I actually was pretty sick most of the time flu and mastitis! Yeah! I was probably the only person who turned 21 sober... but that's okay. I still had a great and mostly relaxing time.
3. ETHAN IS CRAWLING! I know - shut up, right?! I can't believe it. He just started crawling today like it was no big deal and he'd been doing it forever... It's amazing. Just over 6 1/2 months old! My baby boy! He's mobile! and way way way too cute.
Oh... and Karl and I have been together 4 years today... Went fast!
So, I'm currently trying to repaint the whole house and front porch, replace the kitchen floor, and carpeting up stairs with Strep and a mobile, possibly teething (again) baby, and an over worked husband.... It's REAL fun around here...