Monday, January 26, 2004

I've moved...

Karl came down this weekend to help me move in to my Grandma's house. I really enjoyed my last weekend at home, and only because he was with me. I have a new phone number now. I wish I could have seen Mishy and all my kids in Michigan, but It had to be done! They have a really nice computer here, but they also have dial up (which uses their primary phone line) so, I probably wont be online very much.

Monday, January 19, 2004

All my favorite people...

I had a very lovely weekend in Grand Rapids! (per usual). I got to see nearly all my favorite people all in the same trip! which is rare! I truely do love them all!! I also got some quality time with Karl, which is very nice, I must say. And YES me, the video game hater of all times, played video games with Karl Sunday night.. the rumors are true. Ha. I start the new job tomorrow, along with the new school. I'm kind of nervous...

This is Karl.

hate snow

i had a lovely weekend with my dear ashley. :)

i dont have school tomorrow, i believe i am going on a date with my mother, shes gonna buy me lunch!.

and then monday night at skelletones, like every week. its the best time.

good bye, good night, sleep tight

there is stuff everywhere