Friday, February 6, 2009

A lot to take in...

Well we sure learned a lot about these kids tonight.
Well, they told me mom and dad (and their friends) smoke cigarettes, drink a lot of beer, smoke crack, smoke weed, and do methodone a lot.
They said their house is really dirty, and that the oldest one doesn't have any toys.
They told me that their mom smacks them in their mouth and on their butts only (thank God).
They told me that their dad has "relations" with girlfriends in front of them, and that one girl would let the kids jump all over her while she was naked.
They said that their mom and dad are always in trouble with the cops, and in jail.
They actually asked to search my purse to make sure that I didn't have drugs in there.
They said that dad lets them look at the books with the ladies that are naked.
They seem to think they're going home any time now, and that they aren't going to be here too many more days.
They miss their mom, but asked if I could be their mommy, and if they could call me mom.
Later the oldest recanted, and said that he doesn't want to be anyones son other than his dad's and doesn't want to call me mom.
I said that was fine, I am "ashley", and he can tell people I'm his Aunt Ashley.
The kids have aggression problems, and do not listen in general.
They are super busy, and need constant supervision.
I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed.
I am SO tired.
But, we're trying to hang in there.
Praise God, Mark (the principle and Karl's former boss) has told us that the middle one can go to preschool for "what ever we can afford to pay"... and she's going to start next week.
Hopefully the oldest will start attending kindergarten tuesday too.
That will give me 1/2 days during the morning with just the baby, Evelyn, and Ethan.
Once I start getting checks for their care, I'm going to hire a house cleaner, and a mother's helper in the afternoon to help me get them lunch and get the house cleaned.
Hopefully they'll get a social worker next week, and we can get them in some therapy, and I can get a mentor foster mom to help me get this figured all out.
This is a lot for my first call.

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