Monday, February 2, 2009

Two are cake!

Whew, let me tell you - two children are cake.
This is the first time in two weeks that I have slept in til 8:20, and got to come down and "check things" on the computer with out having to get up every 15 seconds to say "sit down, turn around, eat your food", "stop touching her food", "put your butt in the chair, and stop yelling", etc.
Life is easy!

My lovins' left yesterday to go back home with their foster mom.
I found out *after the fact!!!!!* that J. has ADHD.
Come on! You should have told me this from the beginning!
It all makes sense now!
The last 4 days of the respite were the toughest parenting days I've ever had.
I think it was a combination of getting comfortable, and getting stressed that they weren't ever going back home.
I'm sure 2 weeks feels like a life-time to them.
While they were leaving, it was bitter-sweet.
I was rejoicing that it was time to decompress, and relax.
But very sad that I wouldn't get to hear "doggies naughty" or "I didn't poop in my diaper!" in the morning anymore.
Although super busy, and challenging - they really did want to be good kids, just had baggage.
I'm planning on sending them some pictures from while they were here and writing them a little letter with our address incase the adoptive parents ever need/want it.

Karl and I are so grateful for the experience.
I definitely think it was a time of teaching (a lot of things, one being patience).
And we're praying, praying, praying that God will lead the right kids in to our home when we get a call.
I don't think I could do such challenging behaviors that come with ADHD for the normal 9 months - 1 year.

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