Monday, December 1, 2003

Good weekend!

♥ Today is mine and Karl's 4 months

So this weekend was lovely!!

♥ saw nicole!!!

♥ i spent some time with karlface

♥ went to a craft show with karl's mother, and julie (where i got my xmas gift from his mommy)

♥ went to the joust show, and saw all the wonderful people of grand rapids!!

♥ didnt have to take family pictures after all!!!

Friday, November 21, 2003

This is Karl.

video games until 5am

doritos at 2am

stephen/lance all the time

a great girlfriend

amazing friends

life = good

Sunday, November 2, 2003

Three months...

Sorry there are no pictures from Halloween. I wish I had a camera with me though Karl was the fattest, and cutest pink bunny you could ever see! He passed out candy, and we stayed in. We're boring.

I drove to Grand Rapids, for the first time, by myself. I was so nervous, but it wasnt that bad, and totally worth it.

Saturday was 3 months for Karlface and I. We drove back to Indiana, got family pictures, went to my little brothers 3rd birthday party, and went to a show. How romantic... anytime is a good time with him though. Yah, that's sappy for ya, eat it up!

Today I had tofu TWICE! and took a 2 hour nap, good stuff. Then Karl went home.

School tomorrow. Bummer.

Monday, October 27, 2003

With Karl again...

I had a lovely weekend in Grand Rapids primarily with Karl and Tina, as expected! Sunday afternoon I had a lovely time at Karl's for his mother's birthday, but Sunday night was "quite the night" persay. Thank You for bringing me all the way home Karl.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

This is Karl.

i had a great weekend.

i got to see ashley

i got a couple of cds

i got a couple of new shirts

i got some new underwear

and i got some sunglasses.

lots of neat stuff.

but my favorite was seeing ashley

she has some cool pics of us.

i think im going to joels house tonight.

have a good night


Sunday, October 5, 2003


This morning I surprised Karl with a little visit (seems I've been doing this often!) and we spent the day together.
We went on this little "nature walk" of sorts, and it was quite lovely..
Later on we hung out with Lance for a bit, bought Karl some shoes, and watched a movie before Jason and Brent picked me up to come home..

Sunday, September 28, 2003

This is Karl.

ahh, what a great weekend. miss ash b. came up for a visit. and on thursday i got to go on the road down to ohio and indiana with some of my best of friends... the joust boys. mmmmhhmmmm what a freaking good weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2003

High School News Paper

"I'm my biggest critic," says senior
Ashley Brown in regards to her artwork. A student in several art classes, including painting and photography II, Brown says that she enjoys the freedom she has in Mrs. Hanson's Advanced Placement art class.

She says her favorite thing about being in the AP art class is the constructive criticism she receives from other students in the class, because she feels she could really use their evaluations.

Although she enjoys the freedom of using her own ideas for her artwork, she is not able to exercise that freedom just yet, and that is one of the things she doesn't enjoy. Right now, the class is working on still lifes set up in the art room. Brown says she also wished the class period was longer.

Discovering a hobby in drawing at a young age, it was around 8th or 9th grade when Brown decided she wanted to pursue a career in art. She plans to go to Kendall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She says she heard it was a good school, that wasnt too expensive, and it doesnt hurt that her boyfriend lives in Michigan. Even though Brown knows where she wants to go to college, she is still undecided between two loves. Aside from art, Brown works with special education kids in the highschool. "I love doing that," she says. With a love of both art and special education, she plans to have a double major in both fields. If after that she still unable to decide, she says she will probably go into art therapy because it is a mixture of both of the things she enjoys.

Brown says ever since the joined the AP Art class, she draws everyday, as she is quite busy with the class. Outside of school, Brown waits for the mood to strike before she draws. Her inspiration comes from magazines and other artwork that she finds online. She says the competitive side of her arises when she sees other people with good artwork. It inspires her and she wants her artwork to be good as well.

Artists of the past dont really inspire her, but she likes some of the work of Degas. "I think his ballerinas are beautiful," she says.

"I feel that the besides being very picky, she has a smooth flowing style that allows her to unify colors and textures," says fellow art student and good friend, senior Tim Lozny. "She has a knack for blending and she can take the roughest images and make them interesting. She has a unique outlook on objects, and the world as a whole."

Brown's favorite subject matter to draw is the female figure. She doesn't like to plan out her drawings. She says she likes to just draw and what ever the picture turns into is what is turns into.

"I think Ashley dares to be different and unique, she is colorful in her personality and her artwork," says Hanson. "She comes in during her lunch time and her study hall to work on her portfolio. I think one of her biggest improvements this year is the fact that she is determined to finish each artwork, which wasnt the case in past years."

Thursday, September 11, 2003


You want to know what I've done all day??

I've sat around the house in Karl's sweatshirt all day, eating fake chicken.

You want to know what I should have been doing??

Art work, because I've got 15 hours worth of art work due tomorrow, and I've got about 2 hours worth of work done.

I am so good at life

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Going to Michigan

Tomorrow, the lovely Karl and Stephen are making the venture to my house to pick me up.
I'm pretty darned excited about that.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

this is Karl.

what a great weekend!

friday i was a very fat, pink bunny for holloween! it was funny, i convinced a few kids that "yes, the easter bunny is this fat"

then i went down to valpo for saturday and sunday.

it was big danny bears 3rd birthday party! which was really cute to say the least.

i had a fun time with ashley.

and now im tired as hell

and i need to go to class.


Monday, September 1, 2003

One month

I had a lovely time in Grand Rapids this weekend.
Today is One month for Karl and me, but Amy and I spent it together driving home in the rain and traffic.
Not ideal, but it could have been worse I'm sure.

Monday, August 25, 2003

This is Karl.

my weekend was so good! i had so much fun with ash b. and nicole! ash and i went mini golfing, out to eat!, got ice cream, yea thats right real dates! heh

i hate my cd burner, it sucks

i do love the beastie boys though.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

First date

i get to see karl tomorrow, in fact i get to spend the majority of the weekend with him. i'm pretty excited about that.

i've got 1 first (official) date, 1 book cover, 1 very sad good bye (nicole), and 2 peices of artwork to accomplish this weekend.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

This is Karl.

and yet another fantastic time in valpo with miss ash b.

all i can say is justin, lance, and i are some of the funniest kids that i know! woo it was so fun!....and we can sing like you would not belive!

thursday is the anathollo/copeland show! im very excited for

friday, i drive back to valpo to spend the weeked with my dear ash b.

sunday, come home as early as possible, so i can chill with the hoyle girls! woo i miss them.

and then monday-thursday, work work work. "got to go to work, got to go to work, got to have a job." good ole modest mouse.

i finally went out and bought some dress clothes, and im pretty happy with how they look!


dorks have more fun


I quit!

Three of the best boys ever just left my house.

Karl(face), Justin, and Lance. Nicole even spent the night! That would definitely be a FIRST. Such a good time watching One hour Photo, getting icecream, and getting near no sleep. OH how I will miss Justin and Nicole when they leave.. thank you guys for coming over. I swear I've got some awesome friends.

Now, ART WORK for the next 36 hours straight, basically. School on Thursday, and Karl on friday!!!

OH. And PS. I quit my job!!!!! so if any one wants to hang out anytime the next two weeks let me know!!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

This is Karl.

ahh yes, another amazing weekend with ash b. so fun and so cool! i cant get enough.

this week at work has been pretty slow. just johnboy, stephET and i, but it was still loads of fun....johnboy and i got some guinea pigs again....mmmm soo goood!

im not sure what the plans are for tonight, but i sure hope that they will be fun plans!

"kalliooken!!"..."hatsiya" just a couple of war crys that give me a boost of out!

last night i had a really fun time at ashelias apt. with lance, jordan w., tina, luke, justin w. justin d. jeffy b. brandon, and of course ashelia! we grilled and gave some food to a very ungratefull bum!


im off to take a nap

peace and love, can bite me!


Monday, August 4, 2003

This is Karl.

the word on the street is that i am officially off the market... which is true, miss ashley b. and myself have started dateing! heh which is awesome if you ask me!

in other news, i am completely drenched. i just ran from my car to my house (about 30 ft) and i am soaked! i havent seen it rain this hard this fast in a long time.

i had an awesome time today at work! break time was unusually funny! mr. john clemo is the funniest man alive! and im not even kidding.

i got to see mr. steve thrasher today at scavenger hunt! it was good to see him!

tonight, nutball, miss ashelia/tina/brandon apt. heeh my favorite game.

im haveing tacos for dinner!! I LOVE TACOS!

well im out like a fat kid in baseball


Saturday, August 2, 2003

Great weekend with Karl.

Yet another amazing weekend in Grand Rapids..
Thank You Lance! oh so very much.

The ride there, surprising Karl, seeing everyone, the dancing, the show in general, making future housing plans with the most amazing/hottest girls ever, cuddling, shopping with Karl's mom, meeting grandpa, helping with/eating dinner, meeting joel, staying up till 5 am, Karl in general, the mall, buying man thongs with dinosaurs on them!, the ride home..

everything was amazing, minus having to leave.

This is Karl.

i had an awesome weekend with ashley. its really hard not to have fun with this girl. thanks a lot lance for the surprise! what a friend!

today im going to a wedding at around 4:30

but that is all i have planned.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

This is Karl.

camping was the best!

i had such a fun time!


-undie swimming at night

-funny bikes and races

-not sleeping but cuddling

-white gas bombs

-fun people

-the red T

-too much food

-not enough chairs

-long walks

-talks at the beach

-finding kinlin.

thats about it!

thanks everyone who came and camped

it was very nice meeting all of you.


Thursday, July 24, 2003

Back in town...

I got in town (grand rapids) yesterday.
Amy and I had a little adventure trying to get her bed together, and closet in working order.
The majority of the night was spent at Justin's house with Karl.
Definitely TONS of fun right there.
Today, we're hanging out on the internet at Kendall (perhaps my future school) till the boys get off of work.

Friday, July 18, 2003

In Grand Rapids...

um yah, grand rapids kids. quite possibly some of the best kids ever!!

zack, and sarah picked me up yesterday afternoon, and we went out to grand rapids. had a little trouble getting there aka forgot the number and adress at home. but what ev. we made it!

for the first half of the day we sat on justin's back porch asking anjelica questions. she was right on when she said karl and benny were lovers! then we all went to the showbread show. where i saw some entertaining bums, and some scary bums! i met christineb, shannon, jordan, ashelia, carly, sara, gosh just too many! but zachary was missing!! tons and tons of fun. mayonaise, palm fives, "holler", "holler at me, dogg".. couldnt get better


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

This is Karl.

not too much is going on.

im still buzzed from FIGHT

i cant wait until tomorrow, showbread, skelletones + nice girls from valpo.

Friday, June 27, 2003


dan and i went to see from a second story window, forever tearless, and two other bands at some weird venue in grand rapids michigan on tuesday. i wanted to surprise all my friends, and it turned out to be a really good time. minus when it took us 45 mins to go 5 miles bc of construction.

wednesday was my show. crusoe, no greater love, for known, a waking nightmare, forever tearless, from a second story window, and a love for enemies played. it was like xangafest, and ashley's ex fest 2k3. longest show ever, but i must say i had a good time. the bands were all great. and i'm glad i got to see a lot of people.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is Karl.

i just got finished hanging out with justin and lance, we went to the mall and then to khols, where justin and i found the baggiest pants and jeresey type shirts and tried them on, we looked soooo rediculous, it was awesome.

i dont know what i am going to do next year, lance is leaving for five years, justin is going to africa for a symester. my two best friends are leaving me here in grand rapids, i think i will be sad, depressed, and lonely, man i love looking towards the future.


i love how ducks walk.

im so bored

tomorrow i go to valpo with benny, and i think it will be a good time, he knows a lot of people, and i know none.....a little uncomfortable i think, but i will still have a good time.

im not looking forward to when my friends leave.