Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tell me!

Ugh - why am I such a brat!?
why does my soul keep screaming "tell me now! tell me now! tell me now!"
I have been waiting a few weeks now to hear from the lord - a month at most.. and yet it feels like an eternity!
And still no word!
and it makes me want to stomp around the house like a brat, and fuss, complain, and whine "why aren't you telling me?!?"
but I know...
I don't want to know.
But, I know that there will be no word until I sit and rest and wait on His perfect timing.
I need to be quiet and listen expectantly, and patiently.
And so that's what I'm choosing to do.
Every time my heart stirs up with anxiety, and I'm going to have to take Joyce at her word, and say "sit down soul, sit down and shut up!"

PS. while praying on my face today (thank you Beth Moore) Ethan mimicked me, put his head on the ground, and his butt in the air, and copied me. I said "thank you Lord", and he said "thank you", and I said "oh thank you Lord for these beautiful children, I love them, I love you", and Ethan said "i love you", and I just giggled and said "thank you God", and he said "thank you God" in his little funny voice.... it was so stinking precious!

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