Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So, I am going to have to start dying my hair....
Not because I want a new fabulous color...
But because if I don't - You all will get to see all of my gray hairs!!!
It's totally sick!
So, my husband goes bald in his 20's, and I go gray....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sleepy boys.

Finally, a picture with his mother!
He is now 7 weeks old today.
If time keeps going at this rate, he'll be 18 before we know it!

Six weeks!

Heard a good quote today: “The devil wants to put a burden on us, so we always feel bad about something, so no matter what we’re doing it’s never enough…” Joyce Meyer

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So, I was just thinking how much has changed over the last couple years...
I think about how I use to be 3 1/2 years ago when Karl and I started dating, and I am just astonished at how much personal growth both he and I have gone through.
Even just the growth that we've accomplished since we were married is amazing - if I do say so myself. Last night we met with our mentor couple for dinner, who were our premarital counselors as well... and I think it was the first time that we didn't have any "issues" to work through. We could just sit down and celebrate all the amazing blessings that we've been given, and all that we've accomplished in our relationship, and otherwise. It feels good, to feel good. I love our relationship, I love our son (oh, so much!), I love seeing us as PARENTS (crazy!), I love seeing our friends grow, I love our nutso animals, I love our roommates, I love our small group (I never thought I'd say that)...
Things are good.

On the other hand though, I hate taxes!
(We owe from when Karl was

Monday, February 12, 2007

Body image issues...

So, for any of you ladies even thinking about the possibility of having a baby – and I’m sure you mom’s will agree…
Let me tell you, make sure that you have a very healthy body image and self confidence before you go getting yourself pregnant! Because trust me (unless you’re extremely lucky) – it will be destroyed, at least to some degree. And it can leave you feeling very frustrated. Especially when you only have 3 pounds to lose, and yet you still can not fit in to any of your pants because your hips spread so wide, you’re now 3 sizes larger than you were before. And you’re probably thinking, well that’s not a big deal, buy bigger pants. But, what are you suppose to do when your hips are huge and your legs are still a size 2-4?!?
I tried on about 40 pairs of jeans in 4 hours at the mall and found ONE, yes ONE that fit me well enough for me to buy. And they were on a discontinued stock shelf in the back of the store that the sales woman just happened to think of. Otherwise I would still be wearing all maternity all the time! And let’s not even get to the whole struggle of loose belly and stretch marks!!!!

But, on the other hand, look what you have to show for it…

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


While I had a minute to relax, I began to day dream a bit, mostly about the things that I hope to accomplish some time...

A few things that I'd like to do:
- Teach Ethan sign language, and possibly Spanish
- Research the advantages/disadvantages of public, Christian, and home-schooling
- In general, continue to educate myself as much as possible
- Learn how to, and eventually plant a kitchen garden out back, and a flower garden in front
- Fence in the back yard, and make our deck fabulous with patio furniture, lighting, fire-pit, grill, etc. I can't wait to play with Ethan outside late into warm summer night, especially to watch him discover fireflies, worms, toads, and other grossly boy things.
- Learn the stories of the Bible better, and become involved more deeply with God and my small group girls... How can I expect them to "live right", pray, and read the Bible when I am not doing it as often as I should either...
- Get my body back! I understand it takes time, but I have a goal to look like I did before I got pregnant, and perhaps even better! I want to be healthy, extraordinarily healthy.
- And in general just get around to doing all of those things that I want to do, but never seem to have the time/motivation to do it.
These are my ambitions.

Edit: Mastitis, Earache, Headcold, and incision problems anyone? OOOOhhhh, me me me!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I honestly can not believe that my baby is already 4 weeks old!
It equally kills and delights me to watch him grow so quickly.
He is starting to lift his head and smile like a pro...
Every day there is a little more of his personality shining through...
I also can't believe how little time I have now that Ethan is here.
I can barely get down stairs half the time!
Perhaps with a little more practice I'll manage to shower and eat before 2 O'Clock!

Friday, February 2, 2007