Thursday, February 5, 2009

five under five.

Karl and I are once again foster parents to 5 under 5..
Last night when talking about if we were going to foster anymore or not, we both said "If God wants us to foster, we'll get a call in the next day or two", because we were considering calling and suspending our license, or actually getting pregnant and going the biological rout, but didn't want to be hasty if God wanted us to continue.
Then today, I receive word from God on just being in him over the next year - and not taking on new projects, and to stop trying to live up to impossible standards (that I set myself).
I tell my parents we're thinking about getting pregnant instead of foster/adopting, and that we're not going to make a rash decision, and that if God wants us to continue fostering, we'll get a call - if not we'll get a positive pregnancy test.
Well, what do you know - we get a call.
It was a huge internal 5 minute warfare for both Karl and I on what to say.
All we're told is that there is 3 kids, 2 yr, 3 yr, and 4 yrs - and they need an emergency placement, can we do it?
Uhhhh.... I'll call you back. (me)
Okay, I only have a few minutes. (her)
I call my mom and dad, talk to Karl, attempt call Kasey, and experience a huge adrenaline rush and massive mental combat in my head.
We very timidly say yes, and get pulled back in to the whirlwind.
We pick the kids up at 9:20pm - and here we are.

Come to find out they are really 2, 4, and 5 very soon to be 5 and 6. I'm totally out of my realm.

I don't know that this was the right choice.
Logically I wanted to just be in God's word, and literally be committed to nothing.
I JUST received word to rest and relax in him, to just be in the vine!
Maybe He mean not commit to anything BUT fostering?!?
But, I said many times to others and God "if you want us to foster, we will have to get a call in the next day or two"... and bam, 18 hours later a phone call.
So, it's like - what do you do?
I'm not thrilled that their ages are different than we were told. Its not the ages I had wanted.

So here I am, mom of 5 under 5.

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