Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother of the year?

If anyone is getting nominated for "mother of the year" award, it's not going to be me!
We have had two chocolate incidences in the last two days.
First, yesterday I caught ethan in our hot chocolate container.
I'm not sure what I was doing, putzing about the house or using the bathroom or something.

We've been trying to bribe him to use the bathroom with chocolate.... so he so nicely sat on the potty in appreciation for the time out he didn't but should have gotten.

Then this morning I get Ethan set up coloring with chalk on his easel, and Evelyn playing with an airplane toy to come downstairs and let the dogs out.
Well, while I waited for the dogs, anticipating to go back up stairs in a short minute, I check my email.
In the middle of that, I hear "Mom, baby's eating".
"What is she eating?", me
"Baby's eating".
"What is she eating, honey", me
"kok-kit' (chocolate)
And sure enough, Ethan has gotten in to my stash of chocolate again - and this time has shared.
What a nice boy.
Needless to say, this was Evelyn's first time eating chocolate.
Ethan's was sometime around or after his 1st birthday, so we're a little premature with 9.5 months.


It's hard to believe my little momma, affectionately called "infant" my momma Kasey, is already near 10 months old.
While Kasey was over Monday night, she snaped a shot of me and lazy bones, Evelyn.


Although I look like a ragamuffin, I cherish any picture I'm in with my babies.
I also got some cute ones of her with daddy later that night, realizing I hadn't taken many recently.


They grow up quick!

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