Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slowly but Surely!

Things are slowly but surely creeping along.
One really exciting thing is that Olive is officially 'ON HOLD' for us!
We sent in our electronic copy of our Family Sponsorship Profile to RR today. It's a way to enable anyone who comes across RR to read a bio about our family, and donate to our travel and in-country costs in tax-deductible way.
We are going to prepare the paper application and send that in this afternoon.
As soon as we get our Initial Family Profile accepted we're going to be sending in our commitment money to officially be matched with Olive!
We are using our tax refund $ to pay for our commitment to Olive.
That was a huge financial obsticle.
Now we need to raise funds to get our homestudy done.
But, God is moving there too.

We have initiated contact with our foster agency, and they are licensed to do international home studies, and will do ours!

We might even get a reduced fee because we've already had a foster home study done with in the last year!
They are a small department of DAB and don't do many international home studies, and since we've already got a head start on ours because of fostering, we could get it done pretty quickly here!

We have been so blessed in just the 2 weeks since we've started.
We have raised $312 in donations so far!
Karl and I are also eating frugally, and saving that towards Olive's adoption too.
We have $40 set aside so far.
I have also been blessed with an opportunity to clean my mother in law's for a couple hours a week to earn extra money towards saving Olive as well.

God is so good!

We are praying for Olive - that she is being loved on, that she is healthy, and that God is over her. Also for us - that our Initial Family Profile will be accepted soon so we can get the ball rolling on our home study...

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Faith said...

I just want to RR and I didn't see an "autobiography" or what ever it is called under your name by Olive. Also, I didn't see a Donate button. Do you know what might have happened?