Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Figuring Out the Ropes

We are still waiting on our Initial Family Profile to be accepted or denied.

While waiting for that I've been researching International Adoption Grants.
I'm finding out that the majority of them will not consider your application until after you've had an approved home-study.

So, the most important step of fundraising for us is now.
We need to save/raise $1,000 to be officially matched through RR.
And we need approximately $2,000 to get our home-study done.
We wondered if since we're licensed foster parents, if we could just use that home study. Unfortunately it is a completely different process, different program, different agency, and different requirements. So, we have to get another one done.

In order to kick off the fundraising I am going to be hand-making boutique style items. I plan to make knit, crochet, and sew crafts/clothes/etc.

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We love Olive , she is very beautiful!!!
We got to see her often when we adopted our daughter.. You can e-mail me at
I will answer any ??? YOU HAVE..

I pray you will have a smooth and fast journey to Olive..