Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first official Adoption Blog Post!

I am so excited as I write this,
and equally parts nervous... but mostly excited!
Karl and I went out on a date last night, and had a 2 hour discussion, and after weeks of consideration, we have decided to move forward in trying to adopt Olive!
I'm still a little bit in shock that I'm even starting an "Adoption Blog" right now.
I'm new to the International Adoption scene, so please, bear with me!

Karl and I have fallen for a little orphaned girl named Olive, who resides in a country we're not allowed to post (sorry!). She is 3 years old, and has Down syndrome. She is relatively low functioning, not sitting on her own, or crawling yet - but that doesn't make us even an ounce less in love with her.

God brought me to Olive in a strange way - although we are licensed foster parents (with out a placement right now), I came across Olive's profile online. Instantly I was drawn to her because of her name. Karl and I have already agreed the next baby girl added to our family is to be named Olivia, and to be called Olive.
I read her 'bio', and had to know more.
Of course Karl thought I was crazy, but I was compelled to find out more about this little girl with my next baby's name.
Come to find out she and I share her country of origin in nationality. I am only a small part "country"ian, but part is part none the less! I received a picture from the founder of Reeces Rainbow (reecesrainbow.org), and instantly she was seared to my heart.
She looks like she could have come from my womb!
She is so beautiful, her name is Olive, I share a part of her heritage, and she has the most beautiful syndrome of all - Downs.
If I could have, I would have picked her up right then and there.

Karl was very, very opposed to the idea at first.
Shortly thereafter he wasn't opposed, nor for the idea.
And very shortly thereafter he was open to praying, and seeking God's word on it.
About 3 weeks later, many prayers, and a few hours of conversation later Karl told me while getting ready for bed Saturday night that he was fine with adopting Olive.
I could have jumped out of my skin.

With in the first day - I already had cold feet.
The realization of the road ahead was a little frightening.
In no way was I concerned about not wanting or loving her - but the whole process of International Adoption has already nearly thrown me off my rocker.
Luckily I'm usually a go-get-her kind of gal, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the mountains of paperwork, and many fundraisers.
My dearest friend Kasey helped to get me back on track by asking me - "Can you live with her? and Can you live knowing she's not living with you?"
So here I come mountains!

There are some major hurdles to over come, one being attempting to gain our parent's support.
They're understandably hesitant.
Another being getting financial support through saving, fundraising, and grants.
And lastly, we will have to get a little more educated on what parenting a child with down syndrome is like.
Luckily, I have a head start on the latter, because I volunteered with disabled children for 4 years - many of them had Down syndrome.

A lot of people are probably wondering "WHY"
Why us? Because we were called to it.
Why her? Because we were called to her.
Why now? Because this is what the Lord has brought us to.
Why not wait? Because this little girl will be put in a mental institution with in a year if she is not adopted. Down syndrome children in "Country" are not adopted by their citizens, and less than a dozen have been adopted from foreign families. The prospect of her getting adopted if it's not by us, is slim to none. The prospect of her dying after years of horrible neglect and near torture in a mental institution you wouldn't send your dog to.... GUARANTEED. You may think this is not your problem, but it IS. GOD calls us to care for the widowed and orphaned, not to pretend they don't exist. We are following God's word and will - and hope you can support us in that.

I've always said there is no such thing as "love at first sight".... I've proven myself wrong.

Isn't she so beautiful? I can not wait to get her home, fatten her up, and grow her hair out. She will look like a born Malefyt before we know it!

Please, Please join us in any way you can - especially in prayer.

Prayer Requests:
That Olive is being treated well, and is doing well at the Orphanage.
That we are approved with no issues to keep us from being able to adopt Olive.
That we are able to raise the funds necessary to bring Olive home, and save her from a horrible life in an institution.

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Rob said...

she is beautiful im crying and i just cant explaine it god will get you this baby girl she is yours no one will be able to take here from you but god i pray for you all the time and so does my church and family and if there is anything i can do anything please let me know