Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Got More Info on Olive

Be aware, I'm about to get mushy and personal.
God is cracking open my heart, and I can't help but spill it out.

I got sobering news today regarding Olive.

There have been a few families who have been to the orphanage that Olive is in, while adopting their own children, and I've been in contact with a few of the moms.

My heart aches for my baby tonight as I try and get wound down enough to get to sleep.
I know that the only thing that is going to get me through this process is believing God.

God, I am believing that your word is true, and that you will take care of my baby girl.
I pray your protection over her. I pray that you will radically change the orphan care around the world.
I know it's a lot to ask - but you are I AM, you are my God, and I know you can if we'd just give you room.

This is what I have learned:
Olive is tiny, and is on the baby ward as she is infant size, and infant developmentally.
(Everyone says she's very cute!)
I've been told the environment is 'ok', but she really needs us to come get her - the sooner the better.
She is just getting her basic needs met: diaper changes, fed, etc.
It's like going back to the 1950's Russia (not good).
Olive is in a crib 24 hours a day.
She is not allowed to crawl or explore.
She is allowed to sit in a carseat looking seat or walker for an hour or two every day.
We can expect her to to be very underweight and have very low muscle tone, she'll be very floppy.

Lord, my heart aches for my child.
I know that you have called our family to this, and I am so thankful.
I am so thankful for all the amazing work that you have done in just a few days. You have shown me how amazingly powerful you are when we just let you be who you are.
I am crying out to you for my little girl - protect her, comfort her. I know you are her Daddy, and I pray that you'll let me be her mamma very soon.
Lord, I pray over all of the other little babies out there tonight that don't have moms and dads, who sit in a crib most of their life, who don't know what a family is. Lord, I pray that you will bless them with a family. I pray you will bless a family with them.
Lord, I pray that you will soften the hearts of people, that they will step out in faith and follow your calling - I'm finding out it's an amazing thing when you do and I hope others can experience the joy and closeness that you offer them in doing your will.

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Jaime said...

My heart hurts just reading this. I can't imagine how you feel hearing these things about Olive. I hope to help bring you closer to her. And fast. I will continue praying.