Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Karl and I are going away for the weekend! I'm so excited! We're staying at Bay Pointe Inn.
We've stayed there before, and have made reservations for 2 times since, and had to cancel due to getting foster placements. So, we'll get going this weekend! Yay!

Here are some pictures of the kids over this week:

Ethan put makeup on like his mommy :)

Cuddle time! I love, love, love the mornings that we get to cuddle in bed until 9:30AM!

Evelyn is starting to pull up on everything, and is starting to cruise around furniture!

Bath time! Ethan's favorite bath toys right now are his "guys". Which he makes fight the whole time. Everything is a war with this boy now...

Sibling love...

Naughty momma gave the kids banana cream pie for lunch!

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