Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progress to date...

We are still waiting on our IFP to be approved.
I have been in contact with our facilitator and she said that they are still waiting for the Adoption Officials to approve it.
Please pray with us that it will be approved.

Through some very strategic budget rearranging, cutting corners, stripping savings, etc
We might actually have enough money to fund our Commitment Fee, and the majority of the Home Study!

There are still PLENTY of fees other than that.... oh about $13,000 worth of fees!
BUT we're off to a great start! And that would mean we could really get the ball going on the process.

We got good news from our agency that the majority of the time-consuming paperwork needed (fingerprints, record clearances, etc) don't need to be done a second time, because we did them last year. That means our home study can be done in a couple of weeks after we pay the fees!

God is really opening doors, and its been an amazing start so far.
I pray things will continue to fall in to place.

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