Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some good news...

I've found out that Olive won't be send to an institution at 4!
They have changed it to 10!!! That gives her 7 years! God is good!

I have also found out that with her government trying to get accepted in to the European Union they are reforming a ton, including the care of orphans and mentally disabled.

This is not all 100% fact, but this is my understanding:
They have hired a new hot-shot lawyer to help them with this reform, specifically in the adoption arena - and he's the one that's causing all the problems.

He apparently had the adoption program on hold from Nov-December, and our facilitator was successful in going above him, and getting them back rolling.
This could happen again!

Good side of it though, they are trying to start some type of foster-care situation.
The way I'm understanding it is that since they are in the midst of all this transformation, things are on a HOLD and not completely closed forever while they reform.
That means that although they are on hold right now, it appears that at SOME POINT they will re-open their doors, albeit possibly with a different requirements or price tag, but open none the less.

Here is an email that I got recently:
"Our facilitator had a very positive meeting this morning with the officials. A couple of families will be receiving travel dates this week.
All of the details are still being worked out, but things are very positive!"

Right now they are focusing on getting the kids whose adoptive parents have already been approved home, while they are willing to look at their paperwork.
So, our situation is kind of on the back-burner so to speak.

Our facilitator is encouraging us to prepare for the big "NO", and consider saving another child from Ukraine, where orphanages are over-crowded, and children are instatutionalized promptly at 4, where they're not expected to live more than a year.
We're mulling it over, but we need that big fat "NO Way possible" before we go there.

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