Saturday, April 4, 2009


It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow.
And probably not the daughter you're thinking of...
Olive turns three tomorrow.
I am waiting to hear if I can send her a gift at her orphanage.
I highly doubt it, but if I can, I'd like to send her some new clothes, a blankie, and a lovie.
I wish so badly that I could just fly over there right now and go get her.
I hate all the red tape.
To me it's so simple: A child is suffering in an orphanage and needs a home, there are parents who have already been qualified for the state's children willing to take that child home, so cut the crap and get the kid home!
Apparently that's not how it goes though.

On the other hand I have a respite foster baby next to me.
She is the snottiest, fussiest baby.
She does NOT like being away from her momma, and spends about 75% of the day crying for her.
She is very cute! Just not the happiest of babies.

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