Saturday, April 11, 2009

In memory..

The poem below was written by another adoptive mom of special needs children, who has seen an institution first hand-thanks Meredith for sharing it with us all, and reminding us of our blessings and their needs, and why special needs adoption is close to God's heart.

While we were... in memory

"While we were eating... ... they were hungry
While we were playing... ... they were restrained
While we were tucking our kids into bed... ... they were alone
While we turned up the heat... ... they laid in the icy cold
While we wrapped our children in blanket sleepers... ... they laid in their own excrement
While we sang songs and listened to music... ... they listened to the screams and cries of those around them
While we rocked our babies... ... they silently rocked themselves
While we hugged our kids... ... they scratched at their own faces and pulled their own hair for stimulation
While we cried over scraped knees... ... they moaned in their loneliness
While we brushed our daughters' beautiful hair... ... they had their heads shaven to stave off the lice
While we fought off the flu with love and nourishment... ... they got the flu and went Home.
No longer suffering... but so many more still are.

In memory of those that have never felt the love of a family, but have passed away alone. "

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