Monday, April 20, 2009

Second Baby Syndrome

Evelyn has a very serious case of second baby syndrome.

It's a really horrible affliction.

Symptoms include:
- your mother not planning a big 1st birthday party
- your mom and dad forgetting their camera for your very small birthday party
- your 2 year old brother trying cheetos for the first time at age 2, and you on the same day, at just over 1.
- your brother's first french fry, his 1st birthday weekend, yours.... as soon as you could hold it
- when your brother was a baby, the house was always clean, he was always dressed and lookin' good, always bathed, and eating only organic, vegan foods, and learned baby sign language... with you, the house is almost always cluttered, you're found running around half naked most of the time, you shower with mom or dad when you're dirty or stinky, and you have tried chips, cheetos, french fries, cake, and ice-cream by the time you were one. I'd say 'baby sign language', you'd say 'what's that?'

Needless to say - we love her just the same... and some times the second baby syndrome is worse than other times...
But, little momma, don't take it as a reflection of our love, and adoration of your incredibly cute, bubbly little personality. We couldn't love you more.

A little about Evelyn, aged 1:

She absolutely loves 'nursery rhymes' on demand, it's like her all-time most exciting treat
She has 7 1/2 teeth, one is still about 1/2 way up.
She is showing no signs of walking any time soon.
She shows she likes you by throwing her head back and going 'ugh'... you do it back and forth, it's a little game
She gave me intentional kisses for the first time last week
She loves fruit, crackers, nursing, and soy toddler formula... and she surprisingly really likes cold peas
She says "bite" and "ditty" (daddy), and makes a lot of enthusiastic noises and grunts to get her point across
Her favorite person is her Bumpa, my dad
She LOVES the bath, especially when she gets it all to herself
She likes to jump in her jumper with a babydoll to hug
She's not married off yet like Ethan was at this age, but we're accepting applications

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