Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great News!

God has heard us, and he has answered!
Thank you Lord! you are so wonderful!

We received the most wonderful news today!
From our state-side coordinator:

"Our facilitator is taking new commitments again. She has 2 families that will be traveling in May...possibly 3. We've had one new comittment this month, with 2 more expected in the next week if things go well. So, the program is moving forward. They "close" in the summer because the adoption officials go on vacation, so after May, no new dossiers can be sent to Serbia until September. But, that gives you pleanty of time to get everything done.
I will send your family profile to our facilitator and have her ask Olive's social worker to approve you. As soon as we have an official approval, that will be when you send the promise trust money to Andrea and are marked "matched".
Our facilitator said that Olive's paper work has already been started to register her for international adoption and she's expecting it to be completed soon. So, she will be happy to know that a family is ready to commit to her.
I'll send your family profile tonight and let you know as soon as I hear anything."

Thank you Lord!

Lord, I know my faith has waivered. I've sobbed, and grieved, not trusting you to pull through. But, you are GOD. And I'm learning that. Thank you for so much grace. Thank you for Olive. Thank you for bringing us another daughter. Lord, please forgive me of my sins, and my overly emotional heart. Please protect Olive as she waits for us. Prepare her heart for a momma and a daddy, a sister and a brother. Comfort and protect her as she waits. And Lord, please protect our process. Please help things to go smoothly, and bless those who have blessed us. Amen


Rachel said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and for Olive!

And patiently waiting... said...

Yea! Prayer and faith really are the answer! I am sooo happy..maybe we will be this fall? Awesome news for you!