Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here they are!

This is Olive starting to repeat 'ma' for "more" - she has to be extremely motivated and in the right mood, but she will do it!

Karl realized that if he would blow on Olive's face - she would have the newborn reflex. lol

Olive learns that it's fun to dance with her daddy :)

Karl and Olive make a game of taking her socks off. She is really starting to open up and giggle now.

Tickle fun :)

This is what Olive does when she sees us now :)

I don't know why I always end up behind the camera! I promise I spend just as much time with her as Karl does!

Our visit went really well tonight. There was actually a couple visiting their son who they allow to live at the institution.
My can NOT wrap around it. They were so good with him, it was obvious that they loved him and that they know how to be good parents - but yet they still leave him there and only visit occasionally. What's even more sad is that it obviously disturbs the little boy and confuses him. He has MANY institutional behaviors even when they are playing with him actively.
Anyway - we had to share the single visitation room (aka storage room) and so it was a little strange.
But she was very giggly and VERY happy to see us - because we had to miss our morning visit due to touristy things that our facilitator planned for us. And we were VERY happy to see her too.

We got to skype for a bit with the kids this afternoon - and Evelyn seemed in much better spirits, which helped me to have a better day.

It's very cold here, and I am running out of steam. I am going to try and get to bed early tonight and catch up.

Tomorrow we will find out if the minister signs, if not - hopefully on Tuesday. We will have a much better idea of our timeline left here once he signs. We have to have our court date, and then we have to do the passport and the visa and the paperwork, interviews, and medical exams that go with that. It will likely take 3 or 4 (at most) business days after the ceremony to get all of that done.
If we were to have our ceremony on Wednesday (praying!) we could potentially leave Monday afternoon if everything went quickly and perfectly. It's more likely that we are to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday. Depending on the cost to change our flights, and the time line will depend on how early, if at all we will be able to leave.

We will see!


Shelley said...

Praying that you get the signature tomorrow and everything is signed and final on Wednesday!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the videos...she seems like she has known you guys forever! Watching these videos makes it even harder to wait for our turn to get our Zoya girl. Praying for you guys for a quick process in country and safe trip home to start Olive's happily ever after!!

saving said...

How cute! She is so happy!!! I love the one of her being tickled... what an adorable laugh she has! :)

Joanna and David said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her giggles! You guys are awesome. :) We'll also be praying for things to work out efficiently and you guys to get home asap to hold ALL your babies.

soontobemomof9 said...

LOL... Love the sock video! :) Praying you home soon!