Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 4

Well, I'm going to start with some info from day 3 anyway...
Dogs and cats are like raccoons in the states (if they weren't nocturnal).
They are always hanging out by trash cans, and running in the ally.
Yesterday there was a medium sized black dog that followed us in the ally way on our way home after our PM visit..
He came right up to us and started rubbing his head on our hands and legs...
So I pet him, not thinking anything of it. He seemed pretty friendly..
Well come to find out he was OVERLY friendly.
This little guy wasn't interested in the food we offered him, but he was most definitely interested in our lovin's.
When I would try to stop petting him, he would growl at me and the hair on his back would go up!
Who would have guessed!?
He followed us a few blocks, and finally we out walked him... but it was so strange!
I've never been afraid to NOT pet a dog. lol

The visits are getting much more routine now.
She expects us to come get her from her room, and is starting to get sad when we leave her.
We bought some new toys for her this afternoon for our evening visit because she was getting bored with the same ones.
We're going to rotate them every other day now.
We brought new born toys -but I think she needs the next stage up. So that's what we got and we will see how she reacts to them today.
Her stamina for crawling is getting better and she is able and willing to go about 5-6 feet now instead of a maximum of 4.
We spent our morning visit dancing again, which she really likes...
and we saw her little belly and legs because she had a sleeper on that we unbuttoned and looked.
She is SO tiny, and is covered in pox marks from when she had chicken pox in the summer.
But she is SO cute!

I had to get a new pair of boot today, because my suede boots would soak through every time, and give me FROZEN feet.
Note to families that might be traveling here soon: if it's going to be raining or snowing - bring or buy leather or rubber boots!
There is no escaping puddles and deep snow when you walk!
You can buy really nice boots here for $15-$40 - so if you're tight on space, just buy them here :)
Same with formula and baby bottles, they're the same price, or actually usually about 1/2 the price here. So save your space :)

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