Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 11 coming to a close...

My brain is a little mushy right now because I have a headache and it's been a long day...
Today we got word that we aren't going to be able to have our ceremony until Thursday morning.
I was REALLY hoping for Wednesday -but no such luck.
That means that we are likely to not be able to leave until Wednesday afternoon, and considering it costs $150 bucks to reissue tickets, I'm not sure what we'll do.
Right now I'm feeling like I would give anything to go home a few days early though - so hopefully things will go exceptionally smooth and fast from here on out - and we can leave early.

Today was a stressful day for everyone.
We brought the gifts to the orphanage in the morning, and tried to has out a potential schedule with Jasmina and the center social workers, and for the rest of the time we're here.
By the time we got all that sorted out, it was about 20 minutes to lunch time and so Jasmina asked us to wait for the tour until tomorrow.
We would have been able to do it this afternoon -but we had to take Olive's Visa pictures.
So tomorrow morning at 10:30 we are going to get to meet all the kids - and I double checked with her that she will allow me to take pictures of all the kids - and she said yes.

Olive did pretty well WHILE we were traveling and getting her pictures taken - but she definitely showed signs of being stressed out and over stimulated later. When we got back to the orphanage to finish our visit for the evening, she started shoving her hands down in her mouth, and even started teeth grinding. We had never heard that before - so we really knew she was stressed. We had a very quiet and un-stimulating rest of the visit - and she seemed MUCH better by the time we sent her back to her room for the night. Hopefully she will sleep it off, and be back to her peachy self tomorrow.

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