Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 5

This morning we got a late start (by about 10 minutes or so) and Olive had lunch a little early... so it was a shorter visit today.
Olive was most definitely excited to see us this morning. She did not want to wait to get her diaper changed before she came to us.
But, it was a blessing for little 'Millica' (spelling, I have no clue) - because she was out on the floor crawling and came to the door by me.
She is an adorable little blonde, that is probably in 18-24 months clothing.
I probably am not suppose to - but I was a little bold, and bent down in the door way and played with her.
She was STARVING for attention, and giggled the most adorable little goose honk when I would tickle her.
She wanted me to pick her up so badly, but I didn't want to get in trouble.
The nurses don't know English - so I was afraid to get yelled at in Serbian and have no idea what they were saying.
They don't seem to like us even looking in the rooms.
But, I tickled her for a few minutes, and I would rub and hold her hands, and her face - and she LOVED it.
She would make SUCH a wonderful affectionate little bug of a daughter for someone - but her parents haven't released their rights.
I have been making comments to Jasmina about how lovely she is, and telling her that an American family would love to snatch her up.
Today I think she started to get the hint, and she said that her parents haven't contacted about her in a year or two, and that she might contact her center, and see what could be done.
I am PRAYING that is true - because she NEEDS a family. She is NOT happy being in her crib by herself.
She spends a lot of the day crying out for attention - but is extremely happy when she gets it.
If she were available, and we had the money - I would come back for her in a heart beat.
I am going to see if Jasmina will let me take a picture of her, and tell her I bet we could find a family if she were exposed.

Jasmina said that the paperwork is going well, the ministry has the paperwork, and she expects them to give it to the Minister's cabinet on Monday - and hopefully he will sign on Monday or Tuesday.
If that is the case, we will go the next day or so (likely wednesday or thursday) to Roma, Serbia for the adoption ceremony. Because Olive is the first international adoption from Roma, they want Olive to come with. So she will get ready to be checked out on Wednesday or Thursday morning to go to court with us - and she will not ever have to go back!
I can not wait for the day!

We are all getting a little stir crazy in the storage room that we play in. It's pretty small, and its delightful the first day or two, tolerable the third and forth day, and now I'm starting to dread being cooped up in it.

I've been trying to get my eye on "Lisette" - but she's in a room the opposite way of Olive's and the nurses she's had recently are not the nicer ones... I also want to get a peek at the newborn sounding baby that we have heard crying every day. If she/he isn't newborn, they sure are little!

I have some video and pictures I have to load - but we're going to have lunch first...


soontobemomof9 said...

Oh I can so relate to the clausterphobia of the storage room for yet another day! When we visited Tavi, it was like we were all crammed in a closet! She really wanted out of that room on occasion.

It is wonderful that Olive recognizes adn gets excited over you! Fills your "mamas heart" right up, doesnt' it!?

saving said...

How old is the little one? Does she have DS?
I've got the 'itch' again and would go back to Serbia!
I would love to have a little one anywhere between the ages of 1-3!