Friday, January 8, 2010

Crossing them off...

It feels good to get things crossed off of my huge white board ‘to-do’ list.
There is a lot to be done before we leave to get Olive.
We bought matching outfits for the girls to wear during our open house.

We’re planning on having an open invitation ‘meet and greet Olive’ type thing on February 14th if all goes as planned.
I’ll make an official announcement as soon as we’ve got all the details ironed out.
We also got Olive’s crib set up, and put the sheets and blankets on. That felt wonderful - as it is really starting to feel like she’s coming home soon with her crib up, and clothes hanging about.
I made an appointment for a phone conference with her pediatrician for medicine for the long flight home, and made an appointment for me with my doctor’s for medicine for my long flight there! I’m hoping to sleep :)
We have bought clothing and shoes for all the other children in the orphanage, booked our plane tickets, sent in our registration form for our apartment, and down loaded skype.
I made a little book for Olive to look at while we’re there, and I’m nearly finished with a book for the kids to look at while we’re gone. (Love mypublisher!)

There are other little things that we’ve done too - but it’s quite late at night and my brain is really slowing.
And Evelyn hasn’t been sleeping through the night - and insists on laying on top of either Karl or I. So we're praying for good sleep, piece of mind, trust in God that all the little details will work themselves out!

Oh, and our boy turns 3 tomorrow! I am so proud of my wonderfully handsome and pleasant little man. We love him so much!

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