Sunday, January 24, 2010

A long walk..

We walked our buns off today!
Jasmina met us at our apartment 10:30am and we walked until now - 1:37pm
We walked ALL OVER the place.
We saw all the churches, markets, stores, restaurants, and sites.
It was so much fun.
We got a bag of the best home baked salted almonds from the open market to munch on while we walked and she told us what to expect during our process.
She said that she will try and get us home faster - but that sometimes it just can't happen.
(and no I didn't ask or bring it up)
A lot of it depends on how quickly other people get their part done.

She told us a little about Olive.
Jasmina confirmed for us that our prayers have been working for Olive! She said a few months ago something changed in her for no reason - and she started connecting with people, and smiling and growing! Obviously she didn't know that she was confirming our prayers were answered -but it was pretty cool!
She said that they took her to the endocrinologist recently to see why she was so small - and they said nothing is wrong with her hormonally.
And get this - she's sitting now!
Jasmina said she use to just lay there with her hand down her throat, and wouldn't connect with anyone.
But she has a nurse that has bonded with her (we had been praying for that!) and she has started to open up! She sits now, and she is getting chunkier, and she is smiling, and connecting now! She'll even give you a dirty look if she doesn't like what you're doing!

Belgrade is a nice place - it has a TON of history, and character - but it's a shame that it seems like all the buildings are just falling apart.

There was a little girl that came up to us in front of one of the churches that was asking Jasmina to ask us for money.
Jasmina told her to go by her mother (who was also begging) and the little girl said so snottily (but totally cute) 'no, i don't want to' and then turned to us and asked if we have money. (Obviously Jasmina translated it for us) I wanted so badly to give her some money but we only had 1,000 dinar bills on us (which is 1/2 our daily food expenditure) and Jasmina said she doesn't like begging. We have some change at home, and some smaller bills, so we put them in our pocket incase we run in to them again. Her mom had another little kid, and a brand new baby wrapped to her stomach.

It's very religious here, but I don't think that many people really know or love Jesus.
It's sad.
There are so many poor children, and old women, and stray animals that are begging to survive and I wish I could give them all money and hugs and help in some way.

Belgrade could really use some missionary families and church plants.

All in all - it's been a great day so far.
We're both totally pooped.
And we're both REALLY excited for tomorrow!

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And patiently waiting... said...

I am so happy you walked around!! And yes, I agree with you on the power of prayer! It was what kept Jovan while we waited! God answered our prayers!! Have a great night! I'll be praying for you!! :)