Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shopping done!

I can't believe that we are leaving in 19 days!
It feels surreal. But I am very excited.
We got our shopping done today.
I am very happy with our deal seeking - and got a lot of bang for our bucks!
We even came up $80 under budget for gifts, and every one should be pleased (we hope!)

Tonight I groomed Ceazer, our big dog. I still need to do his nails though.
And I made a photo book for Olive to look at and learn who her siblings and grandparents are.
I'm also going to make a small photo book of signs that we plan on using with her.
Partially for her, but mainly for us to remember them! lol.
But, it will be useful I think.

It feels good to check things of the old 'to-do' list and know we're getting close!

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