Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My boy is two!

My beautiful boy turns TWO today.
I can not believe it.

A bit about my little man:
We still call him "The boy"
Momma calls him "my little man"
He calls himself "tee-tin"
He has more words than I could even begin to type.
He is starting to talk in 3-4 word sentences.
He can't say his "F"s, they're replaced by "P"s. It is quite possibly the cutest thing ever when he says things like "pish" and "peet". My favorite is when he laughs and says "I parted"... :)
He loves to sing "songs" which consists of air drumming or guitar accompanied by "singing" every name of ever person he knows. Most repeated are "papa" and "Dan-yo"
His favorite toy is quite obviously his new, real drum set, and his "cars".
His favorite person alive right now is Daniel, my 8 year old brother. He will say his name about 20 times on average per day.
Daniel has graciously taught him how to shoot guns, play punch fights, play guitar hero, and cross his arms and go "humph" when he's mad. Hey, someone's gotta do it sooner or later right?
Really though, Daniel has proved to be wonderful with my kids, and it's no wonder why Ethan loves him like a best friend and brother.
His favorite TV show is The Upside Down Show, which he only gets to watch with Daddy when he stays up late on weekends.
His favorite movie (said MOO-bee) is anything Veggie Tales (said "tales").
He is also enjoying his baby muppets movie now too.
His favorite Food:
He was on a total banana kick for about 2 months, his daily routine was to get up, get in mommas bed, drink a sippy of juice, watch Jack's Big Music Show, go down stairs, and have a banana (10 if I'd let him).
Now he will not eat anything that's not primarily composed of CARBS.
He loves toast, muffins, dry bread, waffles, pancakes, cereal, crackers (called cookies), and his sister's puffs.
(This is not his mamma's choice, but none the less it's the way it is)
Random Tid Bits
He has out grown most of his bow-legged-ness, but still walks a little pigeon toed.
He just figured out how to jump and get both feet off of the floor about a month ago - it was a work in progress for a long time!
He continues to grow up looking more and more like his daddy.
Mom can't get enough of his cheesy, all teeth and dimples smile.
He loves to pretend to crochet or knit like his momma, but adores and copies every little thing his daddy does.
He has officially turned in to a little boy, being that he now thinks it's funny (punny) to burp, fart (part), and make awful boy noises.
He asks to go read books when he wants to go to bed, and generally will not get out of bed in the morning, until mom comes in to get him.
He absolutely loves having his Grandpa Joe, Grandma Jen, Auntie C, and Daniel next door. He would live there if we'd let him. He gets a kick out of "being mean" to Grandma Jen - and will not tell her he loves her (unless she gives him junk food).
A lot of people predict he'll be one of those kids on The Tonight Show, drumming at age 4 - Mom and Dad would be proud!
He has an arranged marriage to his mom's best friend's daughter - Amelia.
He loves to play with the trains, spring horse, and piano at his Nana and Papi's house.
He is in 18-24 month clothes, and size 6.5 shoes. He hates wearing socks, but LOVES shoes!
He is still vegetarian but is allowed to eat things that have small amount of cheese in them.
He is a wonderful big brother, cares about his sister immensely, comforts her when she cries, is next to never jealous, and mom and dad think they'll be best of friends.

I never knew I'd love something as much as I love my little man.
Happy TWO today lovie!

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