Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthdays and other things...

Ethan's 2nd birthday:
Ethan wasn't too sure about the cake - he doesn't get it often, and was a bit weary.

He did warm up to it though, and decided to try the candle.


He quickly learned that the candle didn't taste that well...


but that the cake was much better.


He got a few books and a fisher price car toy from Karl's parents, a potty book, and a walking dragon from my parents, and a veggie tales movie from us.
Ethan was terrified of the dragon, but Evelyn loved it.



Earlier this week, I wanted to make cookies with Ethan - but if you have spent much time with Ethan, you'd know he hates dirty hands.
So, I mostly made them while he watched, and we talked about what I was doing, and when we would eat them. Never mind that the frosting was from an old halloween kit!


Evelyn sat watching and babbling from her chair


She was in such a good mood.



Here is ethan trying to pick up just the black frosting... my crazy boy


I snapped this picture the other day because Evelyn totally conked out in the middle of eating a cracker.
I guess she was more tired than either of us thought.


My little momma - I could eat her up!


I ressurected an old shirt of Karl's, he wore in high school, and then I wore it, and now I made it Ethan size.
I wanted to take a picture of it - and this is what I got... I thought it it as too funny.
My little drama king.

I could slap myself for not taking pictures the other night - Collin, Ciara, Justin, Nana, Lance, KP, Karl, and I were all together! We had a little party here at our house, and it was so fun. I wish so much that we all lived in the same town, so we could experience such fun and fellowship all the time.

Karl and I went to IKEA saturday, picked up some things to prepare for foster care. Today we painted the foster room, set up the toddler bed and the crib, and put everything in its place for Tuesday. I will try and take some pictures tomorrow.
I am so excited to start fostering.
I feel like we've been preparing for this moment, well because we have, since last june. That's almost as long as a pregnancy! So, you can imagine the anticipation.
I'm afraid the second the kids walk in the door I'm going to jump on them and love them straight to death... haha.

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rachaeldear said...

i love how ethan looks downright pissed about that cake.