Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day four...

J. had been prepped before coming in to respite that he has adoptive 'forever' parents.
He is expecting to meet them when his primary foster mom comes back.
But, with the timing of all this, I think he thinks we're mom and dad, forever mom and dad.
I would keep them in a heart beat, but it's not possible.
Every day he's getting more and more settled, and D. is too.
It melts my heart when she comes to me for comfort, like a momma would do.
Their adoptive parents are going to be blessed, and very very busy with J!

Last night they did earn their pizza, popcorn, party night.
But you would think that we were torturing them!
J. could barely keep quiet, and hold still for 2 minutes (literally).

I've been leaning on Kasey to help us out as we get use to parenting older boys.
J. is a very sweet hearted boy, he has a very beautiful spirit and really means the best - but he doesn't get boundaries, and loves to react impulsively.
Hence, he is like my best boy Simon. And hence why Kasey is as good as gold to me right now! (As if she weren't already).
Because it is 100% true, that parenting alone can not wrangle these boys - and you have to be VERY creative to keep them in line.
If he were going to be here longer, I would definitely be looking for a 3's preschool to help him grasp authority, and learn to be comfortable assimilating to not being in charge of himself, and everyone around him. Not to mention giving me a few hours to get my brain back to a semi-firm state, because after a few weeks it would definitely be mush with out a little respite myself.

I'e been praying for all of us to have good days, for me to not fall too in love as my heart will surely break
when they leave, and for J. to let go of some of this anxiety and impulsiveness that controls him.

We are currently trying to earn a swim party with Justin and Nana tonight!

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