Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day two...

Whew - taking all four kiddos out to Once Upon A Child and lunch really takes it out of you!
We had to get bathing suits for Ethan and J. We're hoping to go to Justin and Nana's pool Saturday.
J. + D. are getting very comfortable here already, even after just 1 day.
J. needs a lot of redirection, and reminders - and D. is so submissive I don't foresee many issues with her.
Their Adoptive Parents are going to be so blessed with these two - but oh so very busy.
D. has gotten over her fear of the dogs, and actually gave Bailey a kiss today! But, J. is still very scared.
I was really excited about them taking a 2 hour nap after shopping and lunch, and J. went down really well - but D. wasn't having it. She ended up cuddling on the couch with me for an hour - and I could just love on her forever.
I'll be sad to see them both go.
Karl is off to D-groups tonight, and I'm home alone with all four and bedtime. This should be interesting.

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