Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A long day!

I thought I'd journal my day - so that way when I went to bed tonight with a dirty house, and tired, less than preened children, and a very tired body, and felt that I didn't get a thing accomplished.... I could most definitely look at this list, and say I got much accomplished (just maybe not what I wanted).
My day today:
7:15 - hear 1st noises, roll over wishing they'd fall back asleep
7:30 - hear movement, get up and go down stairs
7:40 - help J. go potty and talk to Karl on phone
7:43 - get Ethan, and send J. down stairs.
7:45-8:10 get J. & D. changed and ready for the day
8:10 - sit down for breakfast
8:15 - serve breakfast (blueberries, bananas, and raisin english muffin)
8:20 - check email
8:25 - check foster boards for support
House is a mess from yesterday
8:27 - start unloading dishwasher
8:39 - stop unloading dishwasher to get kids down and put on sesame street
9:09 - finish cleaning high chair and decide that I hate the fancy ones with all the padding and frills that just hide the crumbs and get stained. I resolve to take that junk off, and Evelyn can live with out.
9:19 - feel my incision strain as I open the sliding door for the dogs to go out. Yes, I've been doing too much physical lifting and what not, and my 9 month old incision is starting to burn. I spray the door track with WD-40
9:29 - get babygirl out of bed, change her diaper, give dogs benedryl
9:35 - finish vacuuming
Finally Clean!
9:42 - give baby crackers, feed dogs, give water to dogs
9:43 - call Karl
9:46 - smile because of all the giggling
9:50 - talk to Kasey
9:58 - hear crying, D. bit Ethan on the face. D. gets time out.
10:00 - change ethan and evelyn's diapers, get all the kids a drink
10:10 - D. is finally quiet, and can get out of time out
10:12 - get Evelyn clothes, finally
10:15 - change ethan in to clothes, finally
10:20 - put Evie in her jumper
10:25 - change over laundry and put a new load in
10:30 - fold diapers
10:55 - finish folding diapers
10:55 - get kids snack, hand full of cereal and juice
10:58 - put diapers away
11:10 - change D. diaper, put kids in their rooms for quiet reading time
11:15 - wipe table from snack and refill wipes container
11:25 - clean living room, and wrangle kids from all over the house
11:30 - ethan tries to go potty, every one watches
11:32 - J. gets time out for squirting soap on the steps
11:33 - d. shuts her finger in the door, she's been warned a million times not to play with bi-fold doors, doesn't get much more than a kiss on the finger, and a "you're ok"
11:35 - catch Ethan snaking chocolate from my secret stash next to my bed
11:38 - change Ethan's diaper
11:40 - continue cleaning
11:50 - vaccume the back room
12:00 - get kids sat down for lunch
12:05 - lunch is served, chicken nuggets *soy for ethan*, potato soup
12:10 - I actually eat some lunch, first thing all day
12:30 - start nap routine, bathroom, teeth, diapers, jammies
1:00 - kids are laying down now
1:09 - have to put the kids back in their beds
1:14 - had to hush kids
1:20 - nurse evelyn
1:30 - put evelyn down for nap
1:35 - check in on kids, D. is asleep but there is blood on her face and hands. J. is awake, and doesn't have an explanation. I check her over, can't see anything right away, resolve to find out after nap, she wakes up, I have to stand there until she falls back asleep.
1:40 - I check my email, etc.
1:45 - pull ethan off of the drums, he throws a fit - I give him juice and a kids show
It's 3:00 now, and in the mean time I have tried to keep Ethan quiet, edited pictures, wrote this post, had a snack, and talked to Karl.
I'm already ready for bed!

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