Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day three...

Whew! Today was a long day!
A few changes in atmosphere.
J + D are calling Karl and I mommy and daddy.
J is getting much more comfortable and is really testing boundaries and rules.
D refused a nap again today, keeping her brother up too.
We all went to the library for creative play time, with the help of my dad - and that was fun.
J decided he knew best, and tried to run where ever he pleased, the boy needs a leash!
He also got so in to his computer game that he had an accident (pee), and we had to make an emergency evacuation.
D is getting much more comfortable with the dogs - she is petting them and giving them kisses.
J is still relatively terrified and goes in to a huge fit if they start play fighting, bark, or get to close to him with out warning.
It's crazy how 50 something hours with two kids, and they already feel like mine, and like they've been here much longer than that!
I'll tell you this though, 2 is much easier than 4!
Not that I didn't know that already, but I didn't expect to be this tired!
Hopefully when I adjust to getting up at 6:30AM and to bed by 10PM I'll be able to get along a little better through out the day.
Tomorrow is pizza, popcorn, movie night - only if the kids take their nap.
That's right, I'm bribing a nap out of them - I need one too!

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