Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Zoo, by Karl

Friday, the fam and I (plus 2) went to one of my favorite places, the Zoo.  
I love museums, and I love zoos. and we got to go to the zoo.  
It was sweet.  I have this weird thing about me and big/wild/stuffed animals, they give me the "goose-bumps".  So, usually at the zoo, or museums, no matter what the temp is, I'm covered in the "goosys".
Things i love about the zoo:
1. i love that i get to spend money to watch animals sleep.
2. i love bear butts
3. i love the wallabies
4. i love how dumb lamas are
5. i love how according to Ethan everything is a "Doggie"
6. i also love the mallard ducks that mooch off the flamingos 
that about sums it up
we had a lot of fun
i think next year we will buy the season pass.

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