Monday, June 9, 2008

Orientation at DAB

Karl and I went to an orientation at DAB tonight for becoming foster parents & or adoptive parents.
It went well. It was A LOT of information. But I'm pretty pumped.
They ran through the time line of things and it looks like we'll have 10 classes, 3 hours each, over the next 3 months to complete, plus a butt load of paperwork. And a home study (multiple interviews at our house)
We could potentially be foster parenting by the end of August!
We got some one-on-one time with the social worker at the end of the orientation to chat, and she affirmed us that we'll make great foster parents. That was really nice to hear!
I think the timing of it all is going to be just perfect.
Because I'm certainly in no position to take on a foster child right this second,
but in 3-4 months I think our lives will be much less busy and we'll be prepared.

On another note, Ethan's in that period of rapid learning.
He has so many new words including "none, none" which is "all done"
UP, Down, buh-bye, "te-te" which is "thank you", and "Knee-ow" which is obviously meow.
He's learned how to "pound it" this week too. hah.
and Evelyn started swinging her arms at her over-head toy!
Oh, my. They are growing.

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