Thursday, June 5, 2008

Foster Parents?

So, it's definitely 12:40a right now and I have to babysit two rambunctious kiddos all day tomorrow starting at 8:30a.
I am going to be totally wrecked tomorrow... not good.
But Ethan stayed up until quarter to one the other night, and completely messed up my whole schedule.
Thus, being awake.

Karl and I have been thinking about adoption for a while now - and after researching our adoption options, we have decided to simultaneously apply to be foster parents, and adoptive parents via the foster system. We have been wrestling with the choices of domestic infant adoption, foster system adoption, international adoption, private adoption or agency adoption, and finally our decision has been made.
We've always known that we wanted to adopt some day, just weren't sure when. But, we're thinking now is the time to at least start looking in to it. Now we just need to decide on an agency. We're deciding between D.A. Blodgett and Lutheran Services. You might be thinking "but what about Bethany?". Well that was our first consideration - but they are currently not taking on families who are interested in adopting a single child younger than 5 right now, so that's the end of that. I am yet waiting for confirmation from DA and Lutheran Services that they are accepting families - but it doesn't say otherwise anywhere on their site so here's to hoping.

While there is a major perk of foster adoption being nearly free (usually less than $1,000 total, which is completely cheap compared to domestic infant adoption) - there is the down side of a very extensive educational and training program that is required in order to adopt a foster child or be a foster parent... So as if I'm not busy enough, my little free-time that I do have has probably just come to a screeching halt.

"We're crazy" has become my go-to line as people ask what we're (I'm) up to, and I answer with my dozen and a half long list of things, and I get a weird look.

So currently I am (first) attempting to be a good wife, and mother. baby-sitting. running my photo/design business (including weddings now)... do this whole process of fostering and adoption. attempting to keep up with baby showers, weddings, etc. with friends. attempting to make progress on one of the many household projects we've started (and will probably never finish in the next 20 something years!). moving my sister in-law in for the summer. and attempting to read the required reading to become a post-partum doula (you should see this list!).

yah "WE'RE CRAZY!".


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