Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We put a sand box in our font yard. I know it sounds crazy, but it actually looks pretty good.
And forget aesthetics, because it's way functional!
The kids played in it for 2 HOURS yesterday! which allowed me to work on my front yard (weed heaven)


In other good news, my parent's might be moving up to Michigan!
HALLELUJAH! hallelujah!
I am praying and praying that they do. My kids need their Grandma and Grandpa Joe.

Completely unrelated... but something that's important in our lives.
Karl's school is going to be eliminated from GRCS.
So effectively his position is going to be eliminated as well.
GRCS elementary schools are going to consolidate to a completely different location (to be picked/bought) or will consolidate to the middle school (Sylvan).
Oakdale's Custodian's job is not in jeopardy because they are likely leaving the GRCS Association completely.
Sylvan's Custodian's job is secure, because they are retaining his campus (most likely) - if not then his job might be in jeopardy too, competing with Karl for the position. But he has significance seniority on Karl, and still is a younger guy. So he'll probably keep his job.
The third guy's campus has already been shut down and sold. He has already lost his job.
That leaves Karl - who's campus is going to be shut down and sold in the next 2 years.
What does that do to his job? Eliminates it.
But there is hope.
Positions might be moved around, leaving room for him and there is hope that even if they don't need him as a building manager, that they might decide to keep him on anyway. Creating a hodgepodge of a position just to keep him around, assuming a different position entirely some where along the line.

Here's to hope, and God's plan.

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