Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vaccination Reaction?

So Evelyn had about 10 days of non-stop crying that appears to be "colic" in nature after her vaccination.
Back drop of the situation:
Evelyn is a fussy(er) baby. She had struggled with tolerating gas pains, and indigestion/reflux the first few weeks.
Our Doc told us she would grow out of it, and that it was most likely due to her being born early.
He was right - she grew out of it and had about 3 GOOD weeks.
Then we went in for her vaccinations at 9 weeks after a whole week of struggling against a "gut feeling" not to do it.
Well, the day of the vaccination she started high-pitch IRATE screaming that lasted about 40 minutes on average, a couple times a day. Sometimes her face would get swollen from crying so hard.
It would equally break my heart and my patience.
So that brings us back to my first sentence:
This has continued for about 10 days after her vaccination.
She has started to get better over the last couple days though - hallelujah.
But, I can't help but research, and here is an article I came across.
It's food for thought - and I'm still processing it.
We have vaccinations scheduled for 4 months (about 5 weeks away).
But, I'm thinking I want to make a more educated decision on wether or not to give her this vaccine again..


A side note: In just michigan alone, there were 2,613 adverse reactions to vaccinations on children ages 0-2.
62 of them were life threatening (we're not talking fever, or suspected mental retardation, etc - life threatening) and 2 of them ended in death as a direct result of vaccinations in the last 10 years.

The more research I do, the more confused I get. But those are the facts.

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