Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Spring/Summer sends me on a creation crusade. 
There's something about the season that makes me want to be creating something new or transforming something yuck in to something better...
It's nice. 

I made some Veggie Chili yesterday. 
It's normally a winter meal for us, but I had a craving for it - and boy was it good!

MMMM, I love anything garlic!


I tried my hand at making cloth diapers today. 
I have made 3 sucessfully. 
1 for Ethan, and 2 for Evie. 
I only have pictures of Ethan in his right now, but I will post some soon of Evie. 
I made Ethan's out of recycled clothing - Karl's sweatshirt and my old little black dress. 
It's actually my own design. Totally made it up myself. I completely surprised myself in making it not only functional but not half-bad looking. 
When I take pictures of Evie's I'll show you the inside. 
But, on the inside there are what we're calling "soakers" aka rectangular pieces of fabric layered, and sewn together. 
I put a piece of elastic going cross-wise (horizontally) over the crotch to hold them in, and then put a soaker on top of that to protect their "who-has" as we call them. hah. 
If you can't picture it, I'll show it tomorrow. 
(I am also adding velcro instead of pins)


jenny mae. said...


rachaeldear said...

those look nice! you should make up a batch and sell them on etsy.com... i've noticed tons of people are gaining interest in cloth diapers, especially 'recycled' and handmade diapers.

oh and btw, we used to have some friends in common, and then i saw your blog linked on jenny's, but i dont know if we were ever officially introduced. my name is rachael, so hello :)