Monday, October 20, 2008

Ups and Downs

Today had it's ups and downs.
But the ups were so awesome, the down's didn't hold much merit.

I slept in, and spent all morning with my kids cuddling in bed.
I had my first dentist appointment and had NO cavities! Nothing - perfect teeth (this far!) after not going for 22 years.
My parents watched the kids last minute for our dentist appointments, we were expecting to bring them - so yay.
My parents invited us over for dinner last minute too.
Ethan pointed at his bed and asked to go to sleep!
I got the kitchen cleaned (while waiting for a clients album to upload)
I got to eat chocolate ice cream
Evelyn had a great 6 month appointment, and is right on. She's 15lbs and only 50th percentile (dropped again) - but Doc says it's totally fine, and it's just genetics.
Karl was able to get next monday off for us to celebrate our 3rd anniversary
I found $150 in my purse in cash!!!!! What!? I know! I'm not sure how it got there but, it was awesome. I am not sure if I literally lost it in my purse (it was in a weird pocket) or if someone slipped it to me - but it was so awesome to receive as things are tight right now.

I felt like I wasted the day today and stayed up until now to "catch up" .... not good.
I was incredibly nervous about my first ever dentist appointment, for nothing.
Ethan decided to take a nap at 8PM and we gambled hoping he'd stay asleep for the night - and lost. He woke up at 10 and stayed up until 1AM.
The dogs ate my favorite chips (Hot Cheetoes and Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips) which I NEVER have in the house, and I didn't even get to open them yet! These dogs are on their last legs.
I really really really am anxious to get this foster thing started - I want my babies now!
Evelyn has been super super super cranky since her shots, and has cried most of the day away.

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