Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An anniversary apart....

Karl and I had to spend our third anniversary apart today.
He worked all day, and then had d-groups.
We also are pinching pennies, so we couldn't try and mask the lack of time together with big fancy gifts....
But, it still was a lovely day.
I let him off the hook, and put the boy to bed last night, and then stayed up until 2AM to clean the house.
I wanted him to wake up surprised.
And he was.
I then woke up to an email (his gift) that was very lovely.
At risk of embarrassing him, and showing off how much he loves me, I'll share it:
"Happy anniversary!
Thank you for cleaning the house last night!
You must have stayed up late, and worked hard.
It looked so good this morning.
Thank you too for the drink in the fridge.
Thank you for taking care of the kids the way you do.
The way you really pay attention to every little change they go through.
And how you show them love no matter what.
Thank you for your overwhelming abundance of patience,
With me and the kids.
If I could go back and pick any woman to be the mother of my kids
I would pick you, hands down.
Im sorry that this all I did for you for our anniversary
I love you very much
And I always will
No matter what
Have a good day ashface
He says "I'm sorry that this is all I did"... but what he doesn't know is that I would take that lovely letter over a fancy schmancy gift any day.
I then made him a steak, peppers, and cornbread dinner.
And he willingly put our smaller, much more comfy bed up in our bedroom, and our bigger stiff bed in the guest room.
(Which we can do, because our little lady is spending most the night in her bassinet)
He's off to d-groups now, and it's just me and the kiddos.
But, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.
Anywho, Here's to a wonderful husband and a very happy marriage!

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