Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waiting for a call!

Well, we just found out that we don't have to do anything with our pool, and we are officially waiting for God to give us precious children, in due time.
I know that Karl and I will pass our interviews, our background checks, and such.
The only reserve I had was that we have small children, are young, and our house is still some what in it's "foreclosure" state.
Well, the small children actually isn't a problem at all - and neither is our age.
And now we've just found out our house (aka pool) is totally fine too!
I am so stinkin' pumped.
I wish I had a "due date", a count down, or even a reasonably accurate time line until we'll get a call.
But, unfortunately I don't.
I know that we are waiting on our enrollment,
then we have our big whopper of an interview,
then they send in all the paperwork to be approved.
Then we wait.
So how long - who knows!?
If I had to guess I'd say by Thanksgiving...

Also, by random chance, or God really...
The house next door was bought by my mothers land lord.
He's offered it to them to live in for now, and to buy it when they can.
So, my mom is moving in next door!
I am so excited!
And my dad is a stay at home dad of sorts, and said he'd be happy to help me by being my MANNY!
aka man nanny, for 15-20 hours a week once we get foster kids.

God is awesome.

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