Friday, October 24, 2008

Life is well!

My little girl is teething her second tooth.
She is also increasingly getting better at balancing while sitting.
I don't see her crawling for a good month or more though.

Ethan, my darling boy is going to be a talker like his momma!
He is understanding way more than I thought he does,
and is starting to prove it by saying things I didn't expect to hear at just 21 months.
Today he came up to me, gave me a hug, and said "I'm happy".
He also has been saying things like "come on, mom. let's go"
Other sentences are "I don't want more books"
"I want that one" (I want "X" is a popular one)
He's also started to call Karl by his first name, and me by "honey".
As a kid Karl couldn't say his "R"s, and so he'd say his name "cow-all"
Well Ethan has a hard time saying the "R" in Karl as well, and he calls Karl "cowel"
It's so stinking cute.

My parents moved in next door, and are sleeping there tonight!
Ethan walked from our house to their house today with Daniel, sans parents.
I watched through the window with Evelyn in tow.
He's growing so fast!

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