Friday, October 10, 2008

Hearing God...

I think that God has given me a revelation..
Okay, so maybe not a revelation.
But, he has been laying something on my heart lately.
The only way to be truly happy is to live for something other than yourself, and to follow Him in to what ever passion He gives you.
Sounds totally simple and logical right?
Well you don't even know the weight of it until you start living it.

I am so pumped to foster.
My heart is already heavy with love that I want to pour all over the kids.
I don't even know them yet, but I already care for them.
I wish that I could whisper in their ears that "ti's going to be okay, it's going to get better soon..."
I wish that I could put them in cute litle PJs and give them a bed time snack, and but them to bed with a cuddle blankie.
I wish I could witness to them that there is a different way, and that they can be loved, and they don't have to do a single thing to deserve it.
I am so ready.
I am so happy with the choice that our family has made to foster.

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