Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things are well..

So, our interview went well.
It was short and sweet.
She kept making comments like "when we get you licensed"
and "we'll still get your license, but..."
So, I have a feeling that she is going to recommend us for licensing even though we're not totally through the process.
She approved the house at surface level,
we just have to get Emergency procedures posted,
detergents, medicines, and cleaners under lock and key,
and smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.
One thing that's hanging in the balance is our pool.
We may or may not have to do one of the following:
Put a 1" chain link fence (4ft high) with child proof gate around the whole pool
Put a 1" chain link fence across the yard essentially creating two parts to the yard
Put any 4 foot tall unclimbable barrier inbetween the pool and the exits of the house
HOPEFULLY we'll be able to just put child proof locks at the top of the doors that go to the back yard for the winter,
and then have our renewed license after the winter contingent upon getting the pool in working shape, and getting the barriers set up.
Considering there are few weeks (and not much money) until winter, the pool is not in working order, and we don't even use the back yard for more than a potty for the dogs... that would be the best option for us....
We'll see.
I went on a wild goose chase calling different people to find out what the "official" rules are, and no one seems to know.
So, it's up to the agency.
Other than that - we got yet some more paperwork and we have 2 more interviews to go!

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