Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sick of being sick.

Ethan, Evelyn, Karl, and myself have all been sick over this past week.
Someone was always super-cranky, and tired - it doesn't make for a pleasant household.
Ethan is still teething, and Evelyn has an infection in her eye.
But we're all finally on the up-and-up and good thing because we've got a busy week.

Evelyn Also turned 3 months! Can you believe it!?

All about Evelyn at 3 months:
  • She is a very smiley girl, Ethan was so serious by comparison.
  • She kicks her feet like she's riding a bike when she's upset, happy, and excited.
  • Everyone tells us she's beautiful and that she looks like her mommy - I agree.
  • Mommy likes to put her in her little red pants, or her dress from babysitter Julie.
  • She had a reaction to either rotovirus or her DTaP vaccination and cried intensely for days, so she's not getting the DTaP again.
  • Mom's favorite time with her is cuddling before we go to bed.
  • She has really started to grow, but she's staying very thin, long, and petite.
  • She has started to roll over, and "talk" to toys, and kick her baby kicking toy.
I finally got through processing her pictures at midnight last night. We just had a quick shoot, so nothing phenomenal.
It's weird how even though I photograph every one else's kids - I can't manage to find time to do mine... hmm.
So here are some pictures of the baby girl:

That's my little lady. And I LOVE HER!

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