Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shabby Garden

So, it's official. Where I have our garden planted is not a place for growing. 
My plants are very small and not producing much fruit. 
My strawberry plants completely died out and the only thing that seems to be growing OKAY at best is our jalapenos, habaneros, and chard. 
I think I'm going to save my time and energy next year and just buy a CSA share from a local organic farm. If I can't do it at least I can help out someone who can, and get the same yummy food from it. 
I might try again in a couple years when I find out what part of my yard gets the most sun. 
I know that the plants are getting enough food, water, and such - and I am sure not enough sun. 
I guess I can say "Hey, at least I tried", reap what I can, and move on. 

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jenny mae. said...

how old are the strawberries? usually the first year you aren't really supposed to harvest them anyways. they come back stronger that way. just pinch back the white flowers